5 Reasons To Redesign Your Old Website

Websites have become part and parcel of any type of a business. While it’s important to have a functional website, after some time, you need to upgrade the look and feel of your website.

1. The need to manage your content easily with WordPress

WordPress has evolved from a blog platform to a content management system (CMS) used all over the world by different companies and organizations.

Its easier to manage your website content with WordPress than most of other open source cms. You can write your company news or add new products on your website. Its has a huge community which builds themes and plugins that you may need for your website.

Fresh content will make your visitors come back to your website.

2. Go mobile

Responsive website design has been there for a while now and if your website is still not visible properly on a mobile device, know that you are loosing visitors who are viewing your website from a mobile device.

The growth of mobile devices is growing every year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

3. Visibility on Google Search Results

Your older website which is not updated with new content will not be visible on the Google’s first page of results. Search Engine Optimization can be done by regularly blogging about your services or products hence more visibility on search results.

Google’s search engine updates its algorithm used to index website regularly which might affect your old website as it uses old website standards.

4. Track and Analyze your Website Visitors

Being able to know who your visitors are and what which pages they visit on your website is important to your business. Website Analytics will help you  know your website visitors’ behavior. These statistics will be vital in improving user experience of your website hence retain visitors on the website.

5. Website Security

Your website security is very crucial to your business. Your website needs to be updated regularly with security patches if it is built using open source content management system like WordPress or Joomla! This makes your website free from hackers who might want to take your business down.

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