7 Reasons why your website is not having return on investment


A website should be part of your marketing platform to increase sales in your business. The design of the site should be simple and functional while the content, easy for visitors to understand your services.

1. You Look for Cheap website design

Investing well in your company website is as important as the business itself. A well designed website with easy navigation is one of the reasons that will keep your potential customers online hence they can be converted to leads.

2. Your website is not updated regularly

There is no fresh content updated on your website or if it is a new product/service that your company is rolling out, its not included in the website. Visitors on your website find the same information every time they come to your website. You will lose them and will definitely find your competitor.

3. Search Engine Optimization is not done

A greatly designed website with great products/services will not be found by your potential customers without search engine optimization. You will need to get your website optimized for the major search engines for it to appear on search results page.

4. No Testimonials/reviews on your products/services

One way to get new clients from your website is by having your old clients’ feedback on your services/products. These reviews will help new clients have faith in your services/products as they know of other clients who have had an experience with you.

5. Social Media marketing

The influence of social media nowadays is beyond imagination. Use it to drive traffic to the website and communicate with your customers to get feedback on the products/services.

6. Email Marketing not done correctly

If you don’t collect your clients’ emails in a database and send them email newsletter with latest products/services then you are loosing out a lot on email marketing. Let your website have a subscription option to collect email addresses that you can send your latest offers on your services/products.

7. Website Analysis

You will need to know your website traffic and how you receive it. Measuring your traffic will help you optimize properly. Website analysis includes what keywords your visitors searched for your, from which website did they come to know of your website, how visitors browse your website.