How Social Media Marketing can help boost your Small Business

We are living in unprecedented times. Businesses have been affected profoundly with the Corona virus Pandemic. We need to change how we do business or else we will be shutting down. More and more people are embracing social media for either connecting with friends or getting local news of latest happenings.

For small business to succeed, they need to keep up with social media in marketing their products/services. While many people are on social media, you can take advantage of it and market your products to ready customers.

At Crablinks, we help startups and small businesses to market their products through social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We do this by designing posters and running campaigns that will increase your brand awareness and drive sales into your business.

Tips on managing your social media marketing

1. Use page brand and not your personal profile
2. Invite friends to your page
3. Post daily to increase your brand awareness
4. Set aside one week for boosting your page/post so that you get wider audience to see your products/services
5. Take great photos of your products for better visibility
6. Use at least 2 social media to market your products & services.
7. If your products are better viewed in a video than photos, use TikTok.
8. Check analytics to find what time your audience are more online and utilize it to post that time.

Many business breakthroughs are as a result of digital marketing. Everything is going online, take a shot today and see how your small business grows. Talk to us on +254712972727 /

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