Online Businesses that you can Start with Little Capital

Online business is now booming all over the world because of the COVID-19 hence we need to shift how we work for us to survive this pandemic. We have compiled 6 businesses that you can do online with little capital. Some of these businesses will need professional skills in order to make money.

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Copyright Services
  3. YouTube Video
  4. Blogging
  5. Drop-Shipping
  6. Web Design

Graphic Design

Are you a graphic designer? You can get graphic design work online. Share your designs on social media networks and let your friends know that you can design business cards, letterhead, logos and signage. Have your pricing ready and a working phone with WhatsApp.

Good thing about graphic design is that you can learn new skills through YouTube Videos. Implement what you have learnt on your personal and client projects.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most visited video website. While people are busy looking for “how to videos” you can be a video creator. Helping people watching “How to do things” in an easy step by step process.

You will be able to make money through adverts that are displayed on your videos with high views.


Blogging meanigful content in a specific niche can help you make money online. Bloggers sometimes get paid to promote products or services of a company.

You can also get paid by displaying Google ads through Google AdSense Network on your self-hosted blog. A blogger who writes about parenting can easily get paid by a company that sells baby products through writing a review about a specific product. Remember having a huge following of your blog will be an added advantage for marketing a product


You can create an e-commerce online shop and offer drop-shipping without having a single product of your own.

Drop-shipping is where you include products from manufacturers or wholesalers on your e-commerce website hence people can buy from your website and your manufacturer will ship the product to the customer directly on your behalf.

Website Design

With businesses going online because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, your services for website design will be in high demand.

You will need skills of hosting a website, buying a domain name and designing the website with the latest technologies. You will certainly need to keep your skills up to date with resourceful websites.

Remember you can learn these skills and this might be the right time to learn something new that will add to your skills portfolio.