Tips to Design a Great Safari Tour Website

To have a great safari tour website, you will need to put into consideration the way you display your information about the destinations you visit. Guests should get information that they search for, in a quick and efficient way throughout the website. From our vast experience designing websites for tour companies in East Africa, we highlight the following tips to be followed to design a great safari website.

Information Architecture

We can say that the more information a tour company website has, the better visibility. How you organize your huge information for visitors will play a big role in making your website easy to navigate. Have a search bar on your website to make it easy for visitors to search for information that is not easily available. You can also have a search filter for your many tours so that it becomes easy for travelers to get tours of their choice. Reserve a section of popular tours that can attract travelers on your home page.

Travel Blog

A blog is definitely one key aspect of making your tour website relevant. Connect with your visitors by blogging regularly about the destinations you visit, nature and wildlife. A review of wildlife found in a particular national park can be a good topic to blog about. A travel blog can have as much content as possible in regards to travel, lifestyle, community, wildlife and landscape. You can get bookings through writing about client’s reviews on their travel memories.

A Mobile Friendly Website

We know all websites should be have a mobile first approach on their website and applies the same to a tour website. A visitor could start searching for travel destinations from her phone. Hence goes on to do more research on desktop after being impressed by the website on mobile. While other visitors make a booking on their mobile. 

A Gallery of Wildlife, Landscape & Accommodation

It is always great to have appealing photos of wild animals, landscape of different national parks that you visit and accommodation to show the guests how they will spend their vacation. Hire a wildlife photographer to get your website unique wildlife photos to use in your itineraries. This is better than using free/stock photos available online. Accommodation properties are always ready to help you with their photos to use on your website.

Inquiry Form after every Safari Itinerary

Your guests have searched online, your website popped up and they visited. They saw the itineraries now they need to contact you for inquire more. Make it simple for them to get to your inbox otherwise they will bounce and you will miss a booking. An inquiry form after every safari itinerary will be vital to close the booking. Let the inquiry form be as brief as possible to make it easy for the guest to fill it. Also, don’t forget to include a message about the period of reply.

Contacts on every Page

Show your contact numbers and email at the top of every page for your guests to reach you easily. A WhatsApp phone number can help your prospective clients get in touch with you quickly. Have it displayed on the bottom right of each page. The email and phone numbers should be clickable on mobile.

Safari Highlights & Introductions

It is always good practice to have safari itinerary introductions and highlights for guests to get a glimpse of what to expect on that particular safari. Safari introductions can include details about the type of vehicle used on the safari, accommodation category, the national park/reserve to be visited and the number of days of the safari. Make it as brief as possible so that the guest can skim through before checking out the long itinerary.

Make the Itinerary as detailed as possible

A detailed itinerary will not only give information to prospective clients but also have faith in your expertise as a tour company. Let them know how the tour will start, what route they will use, where will be their stop-overs, what will they see on their way to the park/reserve, which wild animals will they most likely see in the park/reserve, will you offer drinks, what type of food should they expect to eat at the accommodation, attractions at the park/reserve they are visiting and where they will have their overnight accommodation.

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