Digital Marketing Explained

Some are asking what’s digital marketing? Digital marketing is any form of marketing products and services through electronic devices.

In our current times, customers are online: hanging out on social media, staying updated on news sites and blogs, and searching online when they have a need.

Therefore we are advised to make the right offer at the right time in the right place.

It may feel overwhelming to think about mastering all the online marketing tactics used in digital marketing, when new to digital marketing.

Attracting prospects, nurturing relationships, and making offers your audience will appreciate and respond to, you need to learn or come up with new tactics .

Let’s get a look on some of this tactics which are:

  • Website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Blogging / content writing

Website marketing

A website is the focal point of all digital marketing campaigns. It is a very powerful channel and a medium to execute most of other online campaigns .

Your website should represent your brand, product, and services in the best possible way. It should be fast, mobile-friendly and easy to use.

Once you have a website your next step is to come up with a digital marketing strategy and promote your website and content with the purpose of getting more traffic and customers

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website for search engines. The main goal of Search engine optimization is to help a website rank higher in the search results and get organic traffic from search engines.

Search engine optimization is important for the success of any online business. Every webmaster should understand what SEO is, how it works and the traffic potential it can generate for all website types.

In today’s competitive market, Search engine optimization marketing is more important than ever. Search engines serve millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or for solutions to their problems.If you have a website, blog, or online store, SEO can help you get targeted free traffic from search engines..

Social Media

Social media marketing has to do with reaching people in the various social networks either through content marketing campaigns (postings), paid ads or both.

The primary goal of a social media marketing campaign is brand awareness and establishing social trust but as you go deeper into social media marketing, you can use it to get leads or even as a direct sales channel.

Take for example Facebook. Facebook sales funnel consists of 3 major steps.

The top of the funnel is awareness. This is the stage where you can use Facebook ads to introduce your brand to Facebook users.

Your goal at this stage is to get your ad in front of as many people as possible and gain new followers.

The second step is a consideration. At this stage, your goal is to get people (that showed an interest in your brand) and pass them through the middle of the funnel and get them to visit your website, engage with your page, install your app, send you a message, etc.

The third step is conversion. This is the final step where you try to convince people that enter your funnel to convert. A conversion can be anything that has value for your business like the sale of a product or service or a visit to your store.

Email Marketing

This happens when a business sends information concerning new products to customers and potential customers in their mailing list. The messages may include text explaining the products in detail. They may also include adverts of existing or new products.

Despite the increased use of social media networks, email marketing is still one of the most effective digital marketing channels.

Email marketing is the medium to get in touch with your potential customers or the people interested in your brand and this entails that these people want to hear from you and you are not hijacking their inbox.

In fact, many successful online businesses and marketers use all other digital marketing channels to add leads to their email lists and then through email marketing they create a number of funnels to turn those leads into customers.

Content Writing

Blogging is all about the content. The digital world is a huge collection of content in different forms as text, images, audio, and video.

The goal of a content marketing campaign is to reach potential customers through the use of content.

Done right, your content marketing will not only attract prospects but also move them through a marketing funnel to drive more sales and grow your business.Content is usually published on a website and then promoted through social media, email marketing, SEO or even PPC campaigns.

What do we mean by that? Simply that content marketing can’t do its job if it’s limited to blogging. It’s so much more than blogging.

You see, content marketing is a full-funnel tactic, meaning it should deliver valuable content at every stage of the Customer Value Journey.

To move your prospect through the Customer Value Journey, you’ll need to create content that satisfies their needs at each of the 3 conversion funnel stages: Awareness, Evaluation, and Conversion.

We hope it is now clear what digital marketing is and how it can help your business thrive.

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