Responsive Website Design Explained


Responsive designing also known as responsive web designing is a concept of web designing that is intended to create sites that offer more ideal viewing experience. This means that navigating the site is simpler and more enjoyable.

In Responsive Web Designing, the experience incorporates easy readability that does not entail too much scrolling or changes in the page orientation. This makes it easier to navigate the site from a wide array of devices without any difficulty, for instance, laptops, phones, and desktop computers.

A site that incorporates Responsive Web Design makes the viewing field easier to use by making use of grids that are flexible in nature as well as images that can adapt to different screens. The concept of having a fluid and flexible grid needs t have the elements sizing of a page to be present in related units for instance in percentages instead of inflexible units like points and pixels. The images also make use of relative units to ensure that they do not get displayed outside the intended field.

This concept ensures that when the user makes a switch from using for example a laptop and moves to using the phone; the same web page should be easier to use as it should make an automatic transition that accommodates all the aspects that are present in the site. These elements include pictures, charts, the resolution, and the size of the images. This means that the site should have the ability to transition to the preferences of the user and thus eliminate the need for different designing phase for the adaptation of various gadgets.

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