Why you need to consider having a personal website

Talking of engagements and more contracts as an entrepreneur? The word internet is probably not a vocabulary at this point in time. However, statistics have it that social media platforms like Facebook are not enough side hacks to make the most out of your professionalism, but have you ever wondered about the power of having a personal website? Internet users these days go for the authenticity of a brand before transacting. Looking more into the bio, skills and the work already done by a professional. Be it an artist, photographer, lawyer, doctor you name it. Here are reasons you should embark on having a personal website as a professional.

a) It helps you promote yourself and share knowledge

There is a great impression created by showing to the world what you have done so far as far as your skills are concerned. For example if you are a lawyer, your personal website is more than a global billboard to show the world the type of cases you have dealt with or deal with plus the tally of successful ones. And also how prospective clients can get in touch with you.

 It also presents to you an opportunity to display information like the importance of your services through a published blog within the same website. 

It is also a sure platform to showcase your diversity, for example as a Disk Jockey you can use your personal website to showcase other services like sound hire or sale of your merchandise.

b) Personal Branding

Gaining influence in any field you are as a professional is not an easy task because of stiff competition from those you share the same field with. However, establishing a strong brand identity is the only escape way to standing out as a professional. For example, people tend to buy a product these days just because they saw its amazing advert. Therefore having a personal website is a more visual and vivid presentation of who you are than a mere social media profile.

c) It’s more than a dynamic resume

Having a resume may require more frequent updates and having multiple versions for different job specifications with respect to one’s skills. However for a personal website all you need to do is update it with elements like new projects, skills and maybe achievements with no hustle of having to print the same information like a normal resume.

d) Networking with industry clients

A personal website can serve as a virtual business card where prospective clients can get in touch with you for real time transactions. Nevertheless, it presents to you the opportunity to win referrals from previous clients who tend to refer other prospects to your website to ascertain your expertise. And thus creating a strong brand identity.

e) Pre-launching of a new product

Entrepreneurs and sole traders can use their personal websites to pre-launch their new products or services which may lead to making pre-sales. In other words, they may take the advantage of owning a personal website by showcasing a new product before taking it to the market

f) It’s a platform to raise awareness about prevailing issues

As an online platform, a personal website having connected you to individuals globally, it then presents to you an opportunity to raise awareness of a specific issue or a charitable cause. For example as a motivational speaker with a personal website. You may take the advantage of not only sharing your motivational videos but also use it as a platform to address a clumsy issue that may even solicit funds and donations. “If you can’t feed a thousand then just feed one” ~ Mother Teresa. A quote to address the hunger issue.



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