Working Remotely

It’s been long since we wrote on our blog about our work. We hope to change this. Our main priority though is focused more on our client work, making sure they sell their services and products online.

After having our office for more than 4 years, we decided to close it down and work remotely. In fact, we have been using the office mainly for client meetings, those who prefer to visit us and make sure we have a physical office to believe that we are genuine digital agents.

Most of our clients would call us and meet them at their office for the briefing and we worked from the comfort of our homes or wherever we thought our minds would relax and deliver our work best. To minimize office expenses, we came into conclusion that we would close down the office and let our clients know how we will work on delivering a successful digital product according to the project schedule.

In this digital era, companies have embraced working remotely hence getting better manpower across the world. We have just started this journey and we hope to build better digital products as we work from places that we love and are comfortable.

Thank you for being part of this journey.

Yours truly
The Team