Creative Business Cards Design

Creative Business Cards Design

A business card is vital in helping your brand get exposure in the networking events. How it is designed, matters a lot in getting new business. 

Here are tips on getting your business cards designed creatively to create a statement in your competition.

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1. Readable font style and size

Make sure prospective clients will be able to read your contacts on your business cards. This goes hand in hand with your choice of font style in brand identity.

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2. Creative patterns to communicate your brand

Use of patterns in business cards can communicate how bold your company is. Come up with a pattern style that you can use it not only on your business cards but also through out your brand (on the website, letterhead, brochures…)

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3. Colors to attract clients

Colors are very important in a business card design as they attract the attention of a client. The right use of colors will help your brand get recognized in a world full of competitors.

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4. Double sided cards

Don’t be left out in promoting your business by using both sides of your business cards. A double sided business card can be used to show brands that you own on one side and company contacts on the other.

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5. Beat the norm, use portrait design

It’s always good to stand out differently while in business full of copycats. Design your business cards on portrait mode, see the reaction of your prospect clients when you hand them your card.

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