Home Office Setup Inspiration

Home Office Setup Inspiration

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, many companies were forced to let their employees work from home. There are advantages of working from home, like not having to put up with crazy Nairobi traffic, being comfortably working on your pajamas, eating healthy from your own kitchen and getting away from office politics!

Here at Crablinks, we have been working from home ever since and were able to set up a small office to get our work done. Here are some tips on setting up your home office keeping in mind productivity and minimalism.


Choose a calm working space

Your home office should be in a calm setup where you can work without disruptions from kids or noises from outside. This will help you concentrate on your work hence increase your productivity.

When doing a video meeting, a calm and quite space will mean getting things done and understanding each other without bothering the other party with noice.

Consider being close to natural light

Work can be tiresome and might lead you to get bored quickly. While setting up your home office, put your desk infront of a window to get natural light which will help you increase your productivity. Your eyes will see better under natural light than artificial light.

High speed internet connectivity

You wouldn’t want to work from home with a slow internet connection which will lead to you going back to sleep or watch a movie instead of working. Invest in high speed, reliable internet connection which will help you get your work done. 

A video call will need a high bandwidth connection, so make sure your internet will support a video call.

Ergonomic chair

Your seating position while working is vital to your health. Get yourself an ergonomic chair that will help you sit properly and get work done. 

Desk with drawers

Get a desk based on the size of your workstation and the files that you will need to work on or any other fancy staff that you would like to have on your desk. If the desk has drawers, that would be much better for you to store your files and organize your work space.

A clock

If you are to work efficiently and be productive, you will need to keep time. The best way is to have a wall or desktop clock which is placed in front of you for ease of looking.

Have a plant

In a study conducted by psychologists, says workers perform better when household plants are added to workplaces.

Plants can get you psychologically engaged and promote happiness, which will result in better work.

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